Buster Douglas 42 to 1 Bourbon Finished in toasted white oak

Buster Douglas "42 to 1" Bourbon

Buster Douglas 42 to 1 Bourbon

Coming in April 2020, Buster Douglas 42 to 1 Bourbon will hit shelves in Ohio liquor agencies.  The 84 proof bourbon is finished with toasted American White Oak.

James "Buster" Douglas 42 to 1 Bourbon

30th Anniversary

On February 7th 2020, at the Hyatt Regency hotel in Columbus, Ohio, the city of Columbus honored James "Buster" Douglas for his long odds beating Mike Tyson in Tokyo, Japan.  It has been 30 years since the fight that rocked the boxing world.  Las Vegas set the odds of Buster Douglas beating Mike Tyson at 42 to 1.  Douglas shocked the boxing world by knocking out Mike Tyson to win the world heavy weight championship!

TJ Picino, Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini, James "Buster" Douglas, Lori Garayua, Jaime Garayua.

Unveiling the New Bourbon

Ringside Whiskey unveiled the new Buster 42 to 1 Bourbon in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Buster's world championship victory over Mike Tyson.